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A Sustainable Community

For decades, the Jewish Foundation has been uniting the philanthropic interests of donors with community needs. This fiscal year ended June 30, 2020, our assets under management grew to approximately $489 million and we distributed over $42 million to more than 650 organizations in Toronto and around the world. This year also saw our community come together in a time of hardship, with our donors granting over $5 million to COVID-19 relief efforts in only three months. This is just one example of the growing donor commitment and support in creating a strong and sustainable Jewish community today and for generations to come.

The Foundation offers many strategies that will ensure that the causes you care about continue to be supported and thrive, leading to the continued strength of the Jewish community. Whether you

The Foundation offers many strategies that will ensure that the causes you care about continue to be supported and thrive, leading to the continued strength of the Jewish community. Whether you are interested in supporting UJA’s Annual Campaign, committing continued funding to a specific project or institution, or creating a Donor Advised Fund that allows you to allocate to organizations as your needs and interests evolve, we have something for you. Our strategies all have meaningful tax benefits and can be funded through cash, donations of stock, insurance policies, bequests, and in many other ways. Our hardworking professionals and committed volunteers are here to help you in your philanthropic journey.

are interested in supporting UJA’s Annual Campaign, committing continued funding to a specific project or institution, or creating a Donor Advised Fund that allows you to allocate to organizations as your needs and interests evolve, we have something for you. Our strategies all have meaningful tax benefits and can be funded through cash, donations of stock, insurance policies, bequests, and in many other ways. Our hardworking professionals and committed volunteers are here to help you in your philanthropic journey.

Thank you to our family of donors, for your vision and trust in us. We hope you enjoy reading our Report to the Community. If you are not yet a member of the Jewish Foundation family and would like to learn more, contact us today - you will be happy you did!

Keith Ray

Chair, Jewish Foundaton

Ronit Holtzman

Senior Vice President, Philanthropy

& Planned Giving and Endowments

A Message from UJA Federation

For close to 60 years, the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto has seen our community through the good times, as well as the bad, always serving as a bedrock for the many Jewish individuals and institutions that call Toronto home. As one of the oldest and most respected Jewish foundations in North America, it plays an unparalleled role in helping meet our community’s needs, while making plans for a strong Jewish future.

This year has brought forth an unpredictable and unprecedented crisis that had a significant impact on the community. Our city’s Jewish social service agencies, day schools, JCCs, and camps, as well as hundreds of community members, are finding themselves in very difficult situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation’s unique relationship with its fundholders has played a central role in ensuring that our community not only recovers from this pandemic, but emerges from it even stronger and more united than ever before.

This year’s incredible work would not have been possible without the inspiring generosity of our donors, the expertise and vision of the Foundation’s professional team, and the guidance of its volunteers. On behalf of everyone at UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, we are proud of the Jewish Foundation and all that it has accomplished this year. Your hard work will make an enormous difference to the countless agencies, programs, and services that benefit from your support, and will help ensure that Toronto’s Jewish community remains one of the strongest and most vibrant ones in the Diaspora.

Warren Kimel

Chair of the Board

Adam Minsky

President & CEO

Life is Built on Strong Foundations

The Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto is a community foundation that makes charitable giving easy and rewarding so that individuals and families can fulfill their personal philanthropic goals and translate their charitable vision into viable solutions, addressing some of our community’s most pressing needs.


We are dedicated to creating long-term resources to meet the challenges and needs of Jewish community life.

The Foundation works in partnership with individuals, families, private foundations and professional advisors to enhance the Jewish community.


The motivation for Jewish philanthropy remains what it has been for generations: to sustain the Jewish people, to enhance Jewish life and to strengthen the Jewish community.

Responding to Community Needs During COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jewish Foundation and its family of fundholders have been responding to our community's vast and growing needs.


"Our Donor Advised Fund at the Jewish Foundation helps us manage our philanthropy in a meaningful, yet administratively simple way.

We contribute our charitable funds to the Foundation when the timing is right for us. The Foundation invests the funds and facilitates the distribution of our donations to whichever cause, or urgent need, we have chosen to support.

When the COVID-19 crisis arose, we were able to respond quickly to support University Health Network’s Emergency Campaign and UJA’s Emergency Campaign for Community Resilience through our Fund, something that was very important to our family.

We hope to inspire others to consider the Jewish Foundation as a vehicle to fulfill their family’s philanthropic goals."


"The concept of family philanthropy is something that we live by, we believe it is our way of paying it forward and ensuring that those who come after us will be looked after. Our Donor Advised Funds at the Jewish Foundation allow us to combine our passions with community priorities.

When COVID-19 started and we saw the rising needs in our community, there was no doubt in our minds that we needed to support UJA’s Emergency Campaign for Community Resilience from our Funds. The Jewish Foundation and UJA play a significant role in bringing our community together and ensuring that it is looked after today, in times of crisis, and far into the future."


At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, JACS (Jewish Addiction Community Services) needed to end in-person counselling and group sessions and transition to online meetings, due to the required social distancing measures. The Jewish Foundation, through one of its fundholders was able to quickly secure five urgently needed Zoom licenses for the JACS team, allowing them to connect virtually with more than 40 clients for vital counselling services. There has been an 85% increase in demand for addiction counselling since the beginning of the pandemic, and JACS is playing an essential role in helping people struggling with dependency get through this crisis as safely as possible.

"A pandemic like we are living through can be hard for anyone, but for those suffering through addiction and mental health problems, it can be unbearable. That is why when we were told JACS needed financial help with online resources, we agreed right away. No matter who you are or what you are going through in life, everyone in our community should have access to the help they require, especially when it comes to mental health, and that is exactly the role JACS plays in the community. The Foundation’s relationship with JACS and with us meant that JACS was able to quickly receive the required Zoom licenses to continue their important work. Those relationships are very important, especially in times of crisis."

- Foundation Fundholder

"I attend three JACS Zoom meetings every week, and it has been a lifesaver during the COVID-19 time. They have helped me to stay connected to the people in the group meetings, and not isolate myself further. It's great to see the faces of others going through the same struggles. Hearing the supportive, caring voices is so important to my day. Thank you JACS for Zoom, hope you keep it up even when we're allowed to return to in-person meetings!"

- JACS Client

Community Partnerships

In partnership with our generous donors, the Jewish Foundation distributes philanthropic dollars to hundreds of organizations, projects, and programs each year.


The Strength of Self is a support program for women fleeing abusive situations. It includes a weekly support group that provides the emotional, practical, and social assistance needed to build self-esteem, so these women can get their lives back on track. Led by a professional therapist, this program includes meditation, discussion, and guidance. The women are slowly integrated into the community, while their children are integrated into summer camp and other activities, so that ‘Mom’ gets the help she needs.

Since its inception 12 years ago, Strength of Self has impacted over 250 women transitioning away from abusive relationships and have been made to feel at home at the Miles Nadal JCC. This program has been made possible in part by the Jewish Foundation.

"I’m a participant of the Strength of Self support group for women who have experienced trauma, and I’ve been attending since 2017. I wanted to thank the Miles Nadal JCC and its donors for supporting this group and let you know how much I value it, especially during the pandemic. Strength of Self really is a lifesaver for me and, I believe, for the other women who attend. As you’re likely aware, there are relatively few groups like this, and this group is excellent. Thank you so very much."

- Strengh of Self Participant


In this rapidly changing world, teenagers more than ever need support from the adults in their lives; perhaps none more than those who are recent immigrants and newcomers to Canada. There are many barriers to successful integration into a new community, including language, cultural and social norms, and socio-economic. Dealing with a lack of peer companionship, while seeing their parents stressed by financial hardships and the fear of “what’s next?” causes tremendous stress in young people that can sometimes lead to serious mental health challenges.

Led by JVS Toronto and funded in part by the Jewish Foundation, Youth-Our Future Initiative (YOFI) is a program aimed at improving the social, educational, and vocational needs of isolated teens in York Region, the fastest growing Jewish community in the GTA and home to a large group of newcomers to Canada.

Through outreach to Jewish teens ages 13-19, this program helps participants make meaningful connections within both the Jewish and larger community. Last year, 50 young community members participated in YOFI. They learned about setting boundaries, earning trust, managing their finances and time, and the importance of taking responsibility.

YOFI is playing an important part bridging the years between childhood and adulthood with positive role models, unique experiences, resources for education and career options, and instilling a connection to the Jewish community that will last a lifetime.

"I really liked the sessions you provided. I enjoyed participating and learning new things that are going to help me in the future and stay connected to my community.”

- YOFI Participant

Financial Highlights

The Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto’s most recent fiscal year ended June 30, 2020.*





* Preliminary unaudited figures

1 Contributions are comprised of $89.1 million to Jewish Foundation funds and $6.1 million to managed funds, which are funds from other charitable organizations that are invested on their behalf as part of the Jewish Foundation's portfolio.

2 Grant Distributions are comprised of $41.7 million distributed on behalf of the Jewish Foundation and $0.5 million distributed on behalf of managed funds.

3 Assets are comprised of $453.6 million in Jewish Foundation assets and $36.2 million in managed assets.

"Each year the Investment Advisory Committee is tasked with overseeing the management of the Jewish Foundation’s assets. This year has been an unprecedented one – not just for investment markets, but particularly for the needs of our community in these difficult times. The committee members have generously given their time and expertise. Their steady hand and guidance is greatly appreciated. While the committee’s focus has always been on the markets and investing, the pandemic has shown the importance of supporting the Foundation’s broader work of responding to community needs, and I feel honoured to have been able to give back to the community during these times as the Chair of the Investment Advisory Committee."

Mark Caplan, Chair, Investment Advisory Committee

Grant Distributions

The Jewish Foundation distributed more than $42.2 million to over 650 organizations, projects, and programs for this fiscal year ended June 30, 2020.

A Gift Today Shapes Tomorrow

A planned gift with the Jewish Foundation provides donors with a meaningful way to leave a lasting legacy and help build a stronger Jewish community for generations to come. A planned gift is a charitable gift in the form of life insurance, or a gift through a Will, that creates a charitable fund offering the estate significant tax benefits. Other giving vehicles include Charitable Remainder Trusts, and gifts of RRSPs and RRIFs.


One of the values Ernest Goldberger learned from his father is that giving to others is always better than receiving. Ernest and Barbara Goldberger, who passed away in 2009 and 2014 respectively, understood the power of planned giving in helping ensure a vibrant Jewish future in Toronto. That is why after their passing, an endowment fund was established at the Jewish Foundation from a gift of life insurance, which ensures that the causes they cared about continue to receive much needed funding. Today, their Fund helps support Holocaust education, hospitals, Jewish day schools, and local social service agencies, among many other causes – Jewish and non-Jewish alike.








With gratitude, the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto honours the memory of the following individuals who had the vision and foresight to leave a legacy to benefit our community between July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020.

Kasiel Kates z"l

Joseph Koenig z"l

Shirley Kofman z"l

Ruth Speyer z"l

Please consult your tax or estate planning professional to determine what is best for you.

Creating a UJA Legacy Gift

A UJA Legacy Gift at the Jewish Foundation is a permanent fund or a future planned gift dedicated to ensuring that your gift to UJA's Annual Campaign continuous to change lives and meet the needs of our community long into the future.


"As children of Holocaust survivors, we appreciate and understand the necessity of being involved in, and helping the Jewish community, and we believe there is no other organization that can play the role that UJA does for our community. Through a UJA Legacy Gift, we support over 100 community organizations and fund our community’s urgent needs, whatever they may be, and simultaneously counter antisemitism, fight poverty, or strengthen Jewish identity.

Through our work and our personal lives, we are a large family who cares for each other, supports each other, and looks out for each other. We feel that the Jewish community is our extended family. We strongly believe that we have a part to play in supporting our community and our UJA Legacy Gifts at the Jewish Foundation are ensuring that our community remains a strong and safe one, as we help one another grow and flourish."

A woman’s Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) is created to endow a minimum annual gift of $5,000 to UJA's Annual Campaign. This is accomplished by establishing an endowment fund or leaving a planned gift with a minimum $125,000 commitment. To date 178 women in our community have endowed their Lion of Judah gifts. They have shown their family and friends that their gift to UJA's Annual Campaign is a long-lasting legacy of utmost importance throughout their lifetime and for generations to come.


"Giving back to the community is a key priority for me. As a grandchild of Holocaust survivors, my upbringing was built around Jewish values, customs, and traditions. I feel it is my responsibility to ensure a vibrant Jewish life for the next generation, and I am committed to making a positive impact through philanthropy and volunteerism.

Giving my children a strong Jewish upbringing, with a sense of responsibility for the larger community, is important to me and my husband, Richard. That is why I want to lead by example – and why I endowed my Lion of Judah gift. I am grateful for the good fortune, and feel it is my duty to give back. I hope that my LOJE gift can demonstrate, that even at a young age, we all have an obligation to care for and invest in the future of our community."


"Family and caring for one another were always paramount to my parents – two of their many valuable teachings, and something that I learned about and witnessed multiple times as a youngster. My parents may have lacked monetarily, but they made up for it with their abundance of love and care for others.

Today, I am in a position to make a Lion of Judah Endowment gift, one that honours my late parents for their guidance throughout the years, and everything they have taught me – I owe much of who I am today to them. This gift guarantees my commitment to the community and ensures that we have a thriving, caring, and functional Jewish community for generations to come. "

Professional Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Professional Advisory Committee (PAC), comprised of lawyers, accountants, wealth advisors, insurance and other professionals, works closely with the Jewish Foundation to spearhead initiatives that assist advisors in incorporating philanthropy as part of a client’s tax, financial and estate planning goals.


Each year the Jewish Foundation holds seminars for professional advisors. The seminars offer timely tax, legal, and estate planning information, as well as serve as a forum for networking.


The Giving Advice e-newsletter provides up-to-date resources that help advisors better understand the personal and financial benefits of a clients’ giving patterns and the importance of financial and estate planning in the client-advisor relationship.

"Building on the success of prior years, the Jewish Foundation’s Professional Advisory Committee members are proactive gatekeepers of their clients’ wealth. They raise awareness of philanthropy as an integral part of tax, estate planning and legacy creation for families, and advise on cost-efficient and tax friendly ways to ensure long-term sustainability of the services provided by UJA and the agencies and organizations it supports. It’s an honour and privilege to Chair this special group that helps raise millions of dollars in charitable gifts every year."

Mark Halpern, Chair, Professional Advisory Committee

Book of Life

The Book of Life recognizes donors who leave a charitable legacy through the Jewish Foundation. A legacy may be left in many forms including a charitable fund, a gift in a Will, or a gift of life insurance. This year, the Book of Life program welcomed 17 new stories bringing the total stories in the ever-growing Book of Life to over 400.

"For over 16 years, the Book of Life has been capturing the stories of community members who have left a legacy through the Jewish Foundation. Their stories focus on Jewish values, reasons for giving, and the people who taught them about the importance of giving back. They serve as a beautiful demonstration of the growth and development of our thriving Jewish community, and in these difficult times, they are a happy reminder of our shared history, and the importance of tzedakah.

Their stories have inspired us to make the world a better place, have encouraged us to look after each other, and have highlighted the importance of community."

Lori Rosenthal, Chair, Book of Life



Larry Berdugo

Rona Cappell

Anita Greenberg

Samuel Hershenhorn z"l

Sam Hovver z"l

Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF)

Daniel and Deena Kachani

Harvey Kalles

Michael Kalles

Philip Ladovsky

Keith Ray

Jeff Rosenthal

Simone Sherman

Kim Smiley

Ali Spinner

Frank and Aileen Wolff z"l

Charles and Kyla Wrock

Teen Philanthropy

The Jewish Foundation offers two unique programs that bring Jewish teens together to learn about charitable giving and philanthropy. Together these programs serve as a catalyst for family philanthropy and community involvement.


The B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy Program provides youth with the power to make a difference through tzedakah, deepen their commitment to social action and provides information about local and international non-profit Jewish organizations. By allowing youth to open funds and support causes important to them, they make a difference in the lives of others while making their Bar/ Bat Mitzvah celebrations even more meaningful.

The Jewish Teen Board, open to teenagers in grades 9 - 11 from public and private schools, focuses on identity building, leadership skills and philanthropy.

"As Jews, we know we have a responsibility to give back to the community and help make the world a better place through tikkun olam.”

- Noa and Talia Melnick, B'nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy Program Participants

Thank You

The Jewish Foundation thanks its Trustees, volunteers and sponsors whose generous financial and volunteer support assists us with our mission of helping to secure the future of our community.


Leonard Abramsky

Amy Baryshnik

Stephen Bloom

Mark Caplan

Joel Cuperfain

Jessica Davis

Jack Frieberg

Jordan Gnat

Daniel Goodman

Mark Grammer

Mark Halpern

Warren Kimel

Jay Klein

Michael Kuhl

Francy Kussner

David Matlow

Harley Mintz

Mitchell Oelbaum

David Posluns

Keith Ray, Chair

Craig Rimer

Ariella Rohringer

Shael Rosenbaum

Anthony Sigel

Leah Silber

Fern Simpson Reich

Ali Spinner

Mona Taylor